Hatha – All Levels

Just to say thanks again for a great class last night. I’m now out early, walking into town and I feel great.Martin

Thank you so much for this morning – feel top of the world.Maddy

I loved the shoulder stands and ploughs.Sue

Wow. Really enjoyed last night’s class.Thank you, Tam

Thanks for the class last night. I was really energised by it. Martyn

Gentle & Senior Hatha

Really enjoyed last week and slept so well afterwards. Looking forward to bringing my creaky old body to yoga this afternoon.Susana

Mum & Baby Classes

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me and Sylvia in the last few months.Diana

Private Classes

Dear Sue, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the kindness and generosity you’ve shown me in the last few weeks. Our yoga sessions were exactly what I needed.Victoria

Hi Sue. I can’t thank you enough for this morning. It really helped both of us. Thank you, thank you,thank you, Alex & Gemma

Pregnancy Yoga with a selection of Birth Stories

After trying a couple of pregnancy yoga classes, I found Sue Stockwell and knew that I was in good hands. Sue has a lovely studio in her home and is a great teacher. She spent a lot of time making sure that we understood how the breathing and yoga moves could be used during labour which was different to other classes I attended. I ended up having a natural birth without pain relief and I don’t think this would have happened without Sue’s help. I’m looking forward to going back for postnatal classes. All in all I would thoroughly recommend her.Danielle

Dear Sue, you have really helped giving Rose a nice and relaxed welcome to this world. If only every pregnant woman could have a Sue!love Angela & Rose

I look forward to my weekly pregnancy yoga class with Sue all week. Sue is an absolute wealth of knowledge regarding pregnancy, labour and beyond. I have met some lovely other girls in the class and feel like I have found a real support network. Sue’s studio is in her home, which give the class an added informal and relaxed feel – sometimes she has even baked cake for her ladies!! Thoroughly recommend Sue’s classes.Sarah

Many thanks for all your support; physically and mentally. Your classes have helped me a lot through a difficult time.Julie

The partners yoga birth preparation workshop proved absolutely invaluable to us – James was a great coach giving me guidance and instructions for the positions, movements whilst i was having contractions and my labour was building.Rachel

I cannot thank you enough for teaching me how to relax! Your classes gave me precious time with my baby and helped me to silence my thoughts of a hectic lifestyle. It was so helpful in the labour too – suddenly the golden thread breath really came into it’s own!Jaina

Hi Sue…After a few false alarms & refusing to be induced at 10days, Leo arrived on Thursday just after midnight at home, 7lb 10oz. Figures of 8 essential in early labour and deep controlled breathing throughout helped as did focusing on getting through just one contraction at a time. Yoga absolutely made all the difference so thank you v v much! Best of luck to all the girls.Claire & Leo

Dear Sue, I’m up feeding my one week old daughter and wanted to email you to let you know she’d arrived and we’re both well. She came on 29 April weighing eight pounds exactly and I’m besotted!Yoga has been a real rock for me in the last few months and helped me to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. If I’m going to be honest though, I wasn’t sure if I’d use any of it in labour or if it would all go out the window once the contractions started! When it came to it figures of eight, hip smiles, scoops and swoops all helped me through the pain of early labour. But the surprise star of the show was the humming bee breathing. I had thought I’d use golden thread (and started with this) but as things got more intense I found that the sound of the hum and concentrating on how long I could keep going for was easier for me to focus on than the more abstract, visual golden thread. I hummed my way to nine centimetres, where I took a bit of help from gas and air, and the whole experience was very calm. So thank you so much for the positive effect that your classes had on both my pregnancy and my birth. I can’t wait to start the post-natal course!with best wishes, Debbie

He was two weeks late so we had to be induced- I coped with that by taking my blocks and yoga mat into hospital and did as much practice as I could to stay relaxed!  We had a good birth- done standing up with lots of moves from the pregnancy yoga class thrown in for good measure. We did it all with no pain relief apart from a TENS machine and I have no doubt that all my yoga practice is what kept me calm and focused throughout the 13 hour marathon! I want to thank you so much for all your support and teaching throughout my pregnancy that gave me the strength in my body and mind to have as natural as experience as possible. He came out with a little help from the doctor pulling and despite that ordeal he was totally zen- which I thought was incredible. So I’m hoping we’ve got a little yoga baby on our hands! Keep up the good work- I hope that other people discover the power of yoga for birth- camel walking is a surprisingly powerful move. We camel walked for hours and hours which kept my labour going strong!lots of love, Emma

I was fortunate enough to (without really knowing if it was the really thing!) do a lot of the work through the night. At 9am, the contractions were coming pretty think and fast and I got up and did scoops and swoops and bounced on a ball through them. A couple of hot deep baths also helped a lot. At 12pm, I got to the hospital and they told me I was 5cm dilated. I was using the golden thread breath through contractions and leaning against the wall on my elbows doing hip circles, smiles and walking the dog. Thanks for this one, it had the desired effect of everyone leaving me alone. The midwives were very impressed with how I was doing, couldn’t believe I didn’t want gas and air and commented how amazingly I was breathing. I continued with this until the pool was ready. The pool was incredible. Once in there, I felt even more relaxed and found a great position on my knees where I did figures of eights and hip circles through the contractions that were more or less on top of each other. The golden thread breath made me feel so relaxed and in control, the midwives were amazed! Things were going so well, they didn’t want to examine me in any way, a few hours later, they asked me to feel for the head myself, and it was right there! The midwife was great and said she would take a very hands off approach and I should just do what I felt to do. I remained in the pool and did the coffee plunger visualisation at the end which really worked. I feel blessed in many ways that all went so well, but I do know that without your wonderful classes, I wouldn’t have had as much confidence or remained anywhere near as much in control. ‘I had everything I needed to birth my baby’ and kept telling myself that and that ‘with each contraction it would be one step closer to meeting my baby’ – it definitely was! He weighed a whopping 8lb 14oz and is very content and of course beautiful (not biased at all!) We very much look forward to coming to your post natal class in a few weeks. Thanks again for everything.love – Ros

My daughter Lois was born on 10th July. She is my second child. My son was born a couple of years ago, it was a very long labour that ended in an emergency c-section (his head didn’t turn on the way out), so I had been a little apprehensive this time around about everything going smoothly. In fact, it couldn’t have gone better! The whole labour lasted less than 5 hours and she was delivered naturally. The techniques that we had practised in your class really came in helpful. Throughout, the breathing techniques really helped me stay inwardly focused and composed.  During the first phase I found the all fours position and the standing positions really helped me handle the contractions. For the delivery the coffee plunger analogy worked an absolute dream – it really helped me to breathe her out in a controlled and relaxed way, no stitches required. Having not experienced the “pushing” part last time it felt an especially special experience to go through. I would love to come along to your Post natal/Baby yoga class when the time is right, so will hopefully see you again soon!Thanks Sue, Alice