Sue’s classes follow the classical practices of both Sivananda and Satyananda traditions which stem from Swami Sivananda 1887-1963 and comprise postures (asanas) to make the body healthier, stronger and more flexible; breathing techniques (pranayama) to calm the mind, balance the emotions and improve vitality; relaxation reducing stress, recharging the body and mind and promoting healing and meditation bringing clarity, stability and inner focus.
“Asana is a practice through which you attain awareness of the body, release tension and stress from different joints and muscles and come to a state of relaxation in which you are physically comfortable in whatever you do”.Swami Niranjananda (Bihar School of Yoga)
There is no competition in Yoga and students are reminded to work with awareness within the capacity of his/her own body. Focusing on the breath and using the breath to stretch all parts of the body. Accepting the body as it is. When the mind is focused on the breath the mind becomes calm, the body moves with the breath, the Mind Body and Breath all work together as ‘one’. This is ‘Yoga’.
MONDAYS Time Location Cost
Gentle/Senior Yoga 1615-1745 BN3 6XF £12
Advanced/Sivananda 2000-2130 BN3 6XF £12
All Levels 0915-1045 BN3 6XF £12
NEW for Teenagers (tbc)  1800-1930 BN3 6XF  £8
All Levels 2000-2130 BN3 6XF £12