gi_sacral-chakraA “Yoga is a way of life. It doesn’t matter what religion, nationality, social or political creeds a person follows. Yoga is concerned with man’s personal life and how he can improve it”.Swami Satyananda 1923-2009
Its never too late to start Yoga classes and the level of exercise (stretching) breathing techniques (pranayama) and deep relaxation (yoga nidra) is adapted to suit each individual. Yoga for Seniors & Beginners can be used as therapy for all kinds of medical conditions and regular practice can bring flexibility and comfort to aching/stiff/misaligned body parts. The progress made by students in this class is astonishing. Students attending this class work within their own capacity. Those who are new to yoga are not beginners for long!
MONDAYS Time Location Cost
Gentle Hatha 16h15-17h45 BN3 6XF £12